Baljeet Singh

Baljeet Singh Portrait

Professional Skills

Computer Skills

  • Automated the test cases using C# and Ranorex Studio to increase the efficiency while testing applications.
  • Created the applications including Graphical User Interfaces in Microsoft Visual Studio using Visual Basic.
  • Built a Relational Database for the Online store using SQL and Oracle Apex while gathering requirements, designing, developing and presenting it in a team.
  • Worked on a Google Chrome Extension Game using JavaScript on Github and using git.
  • Designed and programmed iOS app using Swift in XCode and implementing Model-View-Controller design pattern.
  • Developed Java programs while using Object-Oriented approach to design and implement solutions for problems and test them and fixing bugs of pre-written code.
  • Authored a paper on Agile Methodology describing its history, implementation and effect on organizations.
  • Analysed designs of tech products & services, critiqued them and redesigned their prototypes to test usability.
  • Proficient user of Outlook 2016, Windows (XP, 7, 8.1, 10) and Mac OS X.
  • Designed Checkers Game and Bridge Hand game in C++ and implemented strategies for the computer Player.
  • Upgraded and installed various software on personal devices to keep the systems up to date.

Leadership Skills

  • Provided one-on-one mentoring as an i-Guide Mentor to new International Students which helps them to learn about new culture, country and college and to cope up with cultural shock.
  • Led a group of 10 students on the New Student Orientation, introducing them to other students and guiding them on the tour of college.
  • Guided a group of Parents of new students on campus tour while explaining them different services around campus which made them aware of the facilities available for their children.

Customer Service Skills

  • Served the customers in multiple languages and explaining them the deals in-store and helping them find the required products
  • Attended the customers’ feedback and communicated that to appropriate departments in-store which helped to improve business practices

Communication Skills

  • Interviewed the department chairs to collect information about careers in their respective programs and compiled and presented that information to students during Co-op and Career week.
  • Answered all the queries of new students directing them to appropriate departments or offices and classes during the first week of every semester at information desk.
  • Fluently communicated in multi-languages (English, Punjabi and Hindi) to serve the customers for their convenience.


Langara College, Vancouver, BC

Associate of Science (Computer Science)

2015 - 2018

Employment History

Powerex, Vancouver, BC

Quality Assurance Analyst (Co-op)

September, 2017 – April, 2018

  • Developed a feature for a desktop application which syncs three databases using .NET framework and including DevExpress components.
  • Developed VBA modules for MS Excel 2010 for reconciliation purposes and to send updates from the shared workbook to the user via email.
  • Organized the work site visits for the instructor at workplace to for assessment of my performance at workplace which resulted
  • Tracked the issues reported by users, reproduced them and assisted the developers to know the root cause using grey box testing.
  • Regularly created new test cases for new features and maintained the test case management system to ensure the high quality of product.
  • Automated test cases using Ranorex Studio and C# to increase the efficiency of testing the applications while regression.
  • Performed the functional testing of applications on daily basis to identify the bugs and logged them and created bug reports which helped to improve the functionality, performance and design of the application.
  • Updated the developers and business analysts about the results of testing including detailed steps to reproduce a bug.
  • Tested the applications manually using various tools like Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Test Manager to maintain the log for results and progress of testing.
  • Participated in daily scrum meetings and sprint planning meetings to keep the team organized and maintain the workload while making continuous progress towards the goals as per their priority.

Langara College, Vancouver, BC

Career Leader

January, 2017 – August, 2017

  • Interviewed the department chairs to collect information about careers in their respective programs and compiled and presented that information to students during Co-op and Career week.
  • Ran the promotional campaign on-campus and assisted on social media campaign for the Co-op and Career Week 2017 while working in a dedicated team.
  • Created awareness among students and faculty about online C3 Job board of the college and career workshops.

Real Canadian Superstore, Vancouver, BC


May, 2016 – September, 2017

  • Ranked 4th among 50+ cashiers to sell tokens to raise money for President’s Choice Children’s charity.
  • Successful completion of all the transactions with high accuracy rate in a fast pace work environment.
  • Excellent Customer Service as per company standards while providing information about deals and loyalty programs to the customers.

Shell, Surrey, BC

Sales Associate

October, 2015 – April, 2016

  • Accelerated sale of car wash passes which increased company’s monthly sale of car washes.
  • Ensured safety of cash register by keeping minimum amount of cash and still able to complete all sales transactions successfully.
  • Efficiently worked at locations in busiest areas doing multiple tasks, providing excellent customer service, stocking shelves and coolers in store according to standard planograms and maintaining gasoline pumps outside.
  • Effectively communicated in multi languages (English, Punjabi and Hindi) to make sales transactions clearly understood to the customers.


Langara College, Vancouver, BC

January, 2016 - Present

GO Team Volunteer: New Student Orientation

2016, 2017 and 2018

  • Checked-in around 400 new students at New Students Orientation while working in a team of 8 members and welcomed the students into new phase of their life.
  • Guided the groups of new students and provided them tours of the college while explaining the different services located on campus in order to make their transition to a new place easier.
  • Entertained the students by being a mascot, FLASH – The Falcon, which represents the active and all-rounder student of the college.

C Change: Greater Vancouver Food Bank

Spring 2016

  • Checked expiry dates and sorted food items into different categories to make them ready to deliver to 26,000 poor and under privileged people of the community every week.

Indian Summer Arts Society, Vancouver, BC

Volunteer, Indian Summer Festival

2016, 2017 and 2018

  • Sold books and tickets at the box office while providing detailed information about the several events happening during the period of festival to guests.
  • Warmly welcomed and greeted the guests at events and accurately checking and scanning their tickets to keep record of them using iPads and Event management apps.

Green Chair Recycling, Vancouver, BC

Green Volunteer, BMO Vancouver Marathon 2016

May, 2016

  • Independently operated a Recycle station to make the event clean and green.
  • Separated and sorted waste into different categories to reduce the amount of garbage to be dumped into landfills.